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Office Cleaning

Routine office cleaning and sanitation is essential in ensuring a productive and healthy workplace. Along with removing clutter in offices, cleaning services will also help prevent your employees from taking sick time that can be caused by an unclean office. Office cleaning will remove dust and allergens from the space, preventing office environments from becoming respiratory hazards.

Not only does an office’s staff require a clean environment, but the sanitation and cleanliness of an office space can reflect a lot about a business. Clients and business partners will enjoy their visit much more in a spotless office space, and those first impressions could be a factor in a successful business year.

  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of lobby, halls work areas and bathrooms
  • Dusting of surfaces like desks, window areas, and counters
  • Disinfecting heavily used areas and objects like telephones and light switches
  • Emptying waste baskets and recycling bins
  • Cleaning office refrigerators, microwaves, and kitchen areas

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