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Our Goal Is To Make Cleaning Even Simpler Than It Sounds. We Make Life Easier For Our Clients By Providing Them With Reliable Solutions For All Their Maintenance Needs Supported By First-Class Customer Service.
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With Over 10 Years Experience, Rest Assured You’re in Safe Hands

Our History

Property Spa is a brand committed to delivering optimum satisfaction to our highly valued customers.

We are a family-owned, operated and licensed cleaning company, dedicated to providing tailored cleaning solutions that our clients can rely on at anytime. Property Spa didn’t just start overnight; it’s the result of age-long dedication and passion for helping people enjoy the true value of their time without being bothered about the cleanliness of their space.

Founded by Steve Mansour, Property Spa has always striven to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied. Steve has always been an entrepreneur, starting up ventures and trying out new things, but had to set all of that aside to start a family and has been blessed with two amazing sons. As a stay-at-home dad, Steve realized the true value of time, and how it feels to get stuck between doing what one wants with the very little free time available and maintaining the cleanliness of their space.

With an unmatched commitment to cleaning the home and taking care of the family, Steve got acquainted with the ethics and basics of home cleaning. Combining his experience and entrepreneurial skills with his perfectionistic approach, Property Spa came to life, a brand for every home.

Our Goal

At Property Spa, our goal is to become the professional home cleaning company at everyone’s beck and call. We are a brand with a passion for absolute customer satisfaction and quality service delivery, which is why our job remains incomplete until you claim it to be complete.

We are poised to deliver a bespoke cleaning service that caters to the most neglected areas in your home and office. Ranging from doors to their handles, light switches, door frames and many other areas you might never think of cleaning. Attention to detail is the bottom line. We understand that some areas in your home can accumulate dirt due to constant or non-constant usage, and that is why we focus on those areas among other cleaning areas.

We are open to one-off and contractual projects, and we go above and beyond each time to exceed you expectation.

Our Vision

To become the number one trusted name in home care, and this is possible through commitment, hard work, and expert service delivery that assure maximum customer satisfaction. At Property Spa, we roll up our sleeves and get to work because we have a passion for what we do. As we continue to grow, the end goal is to provide all services that a property will ever need.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we work to be the name on the lips of every homeowner. Kindly get in touch today to feel the expertise!

We're changing the game of housekeeping

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